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Mike's Canvas offers a wide selection of custom-made and custom-fit convertible tops. Our unique tops are made with the best canvas material available and are manufactured to the strictest standards for long durability and high quality. We can custom-make your convertible top to fit your needs and we guarantee your top will have the highest resistance to strong weather or fading.

Car Owner: Alan S. of Alhambra Nashua New Hampshire.

In November 2011 we modified our Convertible Tops with Heated Glass for 2005-2012 Ford Mustangs. Alan drove his 2008 to us from Nashua New Hampshire to take advantage of our Free Convertible Top Program! ...well, he was actually in the process of moving to Southern California when he broke his rear window. He found us online while shopping for a new soft top, and didn't have to pay out of pocket for our Part# 6220 top with NEW PermaLok™ heated glass. This convertible top with heated rear glass, made in original Haartz Sailcloth vinyl, was FREE of charge!

Thanks to Alan S. our 2005-On Mustang Tops with NEW PermaLok bonded glass windows will soon make their debut.


Car Owner: Thuong D. of Alhambra California.

In December 2009 we released our Convertible Top with Low Profile Heated Glass for 1999-2001 Porsche 996, 911. Thuong drove his car to us from Alhambra California to have the original top with plastic window replaced with a glass window top. His car is now dressed to impress with our Part# 3178 top with low profile glass. This convertible top, made in original Flame Singed Sonnenland A5S German Cloth, was FREE of charge!

Thanks to Thuong D. our early Porsche 996, 911 Top with Heated Glass Window is now available.


Car Owner: Bill Y. of Thousand Oaks California.

This 1999 C5 Corvette was garage kept and pampered since new. It has never even driven in rain! Over time the OEM convertible topping began to show its age, and the rear window began to separate. Fortunately just as Bill began to shop for a new top, we happened to be looking for one. Our C5 top has been available for 10 years—we just wanted to add installation guide marks. In December 2008 we replaced the aging factory top with our Part # 2058, FREE of charge, giving this beauty an instant botox injection!

Thanks to Bill Y. our Corvette C5 top just got easier to install!


Car Owner: Moss Motors of Goleta California.

In June 2008 Moss Motors loaned us their custom 2005 Mazda MX5 Miata, adorned with 17" wheels, custom lighting, and a supercharger, for pattern development. We replaced the factory vinyl top with our Part # 2968 top made in Stayfast cloth, FREE of charge. Now this car is truly red hot!

Thanks to Moss Motors our 2005-On MX5 top was the aftermarket's first!


Car Owner: Susan A. of Los Angeles, California.

Susan submitted this 2005 Mini Cooper S in March 2008. 
The driver's side sail panel was slashed clear through the top and headliner. After allowing us to use her car for pattern development, we replaced the slashed top FREE of charge with our Part # 2760Ctop (pictured).
Although the headliner panel wasn't on our agenda, we replaced it as a courtesy... afterall a small convertible with a large hole in it doesn't look very good.

Thanks to Susan A. our Mini Cooper top was the USA aftermarket's first!

Mini Cooper

Car Owner: Aaron M. of San Francisco, California.

Aaron's garage was broken into; the burglar cut through the convertible top―knicking some wiring on his Audi, and broke the window in his SUV. We couldn't help him with the SUV, but he delivered his 2004 Audi A4 to us in June 2007 to take advantage of our FREE Convertible Top Program. The car turned out beautiful with our Part # 3201C top, and works like new after a trip to the dealer for the wiring.

If only the SUV was a convertible...

Audi A4

Car Owner: Reynolds M. of San Antonio, Texas.

Reynolds drove this 2004 Nissan 350Z all the way from San Antonio Texas in the middle of summer 2007 and got this "freebie".
The original top was worn and he was coming to SoCal on business, so he figuered why not drive and get a FREE convertible top?

Thanks to Reynolds M. our Nissan 350Z top was the aftermarket's first!

Nissan 350Z

Car Owner: Brian L. of Oxnard California.

Brian, custom car builder and service manager at a Californa Ford dealership, brought us his 2005 Mustang when it was brand new. Not because it needed a new top, but because he wanted one that made a statement. This Part # 6220 top in red canvas does just that; and it was FREE!

Thanks to Brian L. our 2005-On Mustang top was the aftermarket's first!


Car Owner: Milpas Motors of Santa Barbara California.

In January 2008 we released our top for 2003-04 Porsche Boxsterdue in large part to Milpas Motors letting us use their car, which was immaculate condition except for the convertible top. We replaced the factory convertible top with our Part # 3163 top made in original Flame Singed Sonnenland A5S German Cloth, FREE of charge. Now this Porsche is exceptional with no exceptions!

Thanks to Milpas Motors our 2003-04 Boxster top is an aftermarket Best!


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